What is WarFallen?

Enter into a unique style of online team warfare set in a medieval world filled with challenges and objectives. Choose a character class that possesses unique weapons, items, and abilities, as the teams compete not only against each other but also against the infected that now roams the land.


It all begun hundred of years ago in a land divided by two rival factions. Both factions believe they have the right to the throne and have been waging war over the crown for as long as anyone can remember.

But death takes its toll, corpses and blood-red rivers from the WarFallen makes the perfect growing grounds for diseases of all kinds. Where and why it all begun, is still unknown. At first it was only a few infected, in a small village. But it rapidly grew and spread all over the lands.

The two factions who once where fighting each other, now must stand side by side to fight an even greater enemy, the infection! But the hate remains strong within the factions, and it is not with joy that they must to seek help from the enemy.
There are a few places where the infection has not yet reached, these places now have huge value. The infection knows no boundaries, only the strongest will stand tall, only the strongest survivor will rule.

Take sides in the battle against a greater enemy. Fight the enemy, the infection and in the end be the last one standing! Choose your style of gaming, be the team support or on the frontline. Play as an Archer, Crusader, Plague Doctor or as a Blacksmith. The four classes are each needed to form the perfect team and become the winners.


Each map tells its story and has its own style of game-play. From carrying a ladder to besiege a castle wall to killing 1000 of Infected.

Objective mode (OBJ)
This is the basic mode that the game was designed around. You and your fellow players need to complete a set of objectives to complete the level and win the game.

Soul Collector (SC)
When a player dies, the soul is dropped on the ground. The team that first picks up 20 of the enemy souls and stores them in their soul collector chest wins.

Crown War (CW)
The team who has the crown and holds it within the coronation area gets 1 point per second its held. First team to reach 300 points wins.

Pillage (PIL)
Each team has to destroy the enemies Pillage Pile, first team to destroy the pile or the team who has dealt most damage to the other teams pile wins.

Team Deathmatch (TDM)
Classic team game. The team with most kills.

The Game

True First Person - What you see, is what you get.

Physics based Melee - What you hit, is what you hit.

Siege Weapons - Controllable Catapult, Ballista, Ladders and more...

All weapons can be used as Melee or Ranged. Block with your bow or throw your great sword.

Versatile Gamemode - Each level has its own game style. Siege castles, Raid villages, Defend an outpost or battle for the last drop or blood.

Tactical elements, Build, Repair, Upgrade, Heal, Infect, Throw bait, Caltrops and more...

AI driven infected that not just hates everyone, but also as a tactical element. Drive the Infected towards the enemy and use them as an allied.

Player Bots are provided for offline games, training or to fill up servers.

Online Multiplayer with dedicated servers. The game is designed for 8 vs 8, but if the server can provide, then there is no limit.

The game i built using the awesome Unreal Engine 4.