The archer is a skilled marksman capable of taking down both the living and the dead from afar. Before the dead started walking again she was merely a wild game hunter, hunting for food and pelts. With the army's strength diminished by war she decided to join in the effort of protecting her homeland.

Luckily, many hunting skills are transferable to war, beyond the obvious use of her bow or crossbow. She doesn't usually hunt with a sword and dagger although many years of skinning her prey has taught her how to wield a blade efficiently, as well as how to strike a target with her dagger and drop caltrops if somethings comes charging a bit too close for comfort.

Armortype: Light
Movement: Fast
Special abilitys: Caltrops, Placeable Pavise
Inventory: Longbow, Shortsword, Crossbow, Daggers, Torch, Fists, Mighty foot


The crusader is the only soldier on the field with actual combat training and experience. Covered head to toe in metal, wielding a sword and shield, he is the ultimate fighter and the first line of defense against any attackers.

Being a man of God he's particularly disgusted by these walking abominations and will not rest until they are purged from existence, even if he shall die trying

Armortype: Heavy
Movement: Slow
Special ability's: Telescope, Commandpoint Hold. Commandpoint Archer
Inventory: Sword & Shield, Dual shortswords, Flamberge, Daggers, Powderbag, Fists, Mighty foot

Plague Doctor

The plague doctor is a man of science, or so he claims, and is only out in the field for experimental purposes, hence his two different syringes. One invigorates his allies and can even bring them back from the dead if the corpse is fresh enough.

The other experimental concoction is toxic and harmful to whoever gets it injected and will eventually kill them. Rumors are it's made from the dead but the plague doctor wont confirm or deny this.

Armortype: Medium
Movement: Average
Special ability's: Healthpack, Regenerates Health, Immune against infections
Inventory: Syringe & Bonesaw, Crosspistol, Spear & Shield, Smokepot, Handaxe, Fists, Mighty foot


The blacksmith, a simple man with a simple goal, kill what's already dead, and support his companions in the same endeavor. He does this by repairing fortifications and siege weapons with his trusty work-hammer as well as supplying ammunition and mending armor.

Being a smith he's well versed in metalwork and can therefore make and deploy bear traps, although they're not used for bears anymore. And there is little to adapt in terms of fighting, instead of smithing a blade with his hammer he simply upgraded to a bigger mallet and started bashing heads.

Armortype: Medium
Movement: Average
Special ability's: Build (Ballista, Ammocrate, Beartrap and Firecage), Regenerates Armor
Inventory: Workhammer & Tongs, Hammeraxe, Spikes, Oilpot, Fransisca & Shield, Torch, Fists, Mighty foot