Dedicated Server Guide

Installing via SteamCMD

Use the official guide for SteamCMD

Specific for WarFallen:
Appid for WarFallen Dedicated Server: 685720

Installing via the Steam client

Select Tools in the Library and install "WarFallen Dedicated Server".
Now make a shortcut to the server executable, it will not work starting the server from the Steam client UI.
In Properties select the tab Local Files -> Browse Local Files.., make a shortcut and add the required options (below).

Router Firewall setup

Open/forward the following ports in your firewall
UDP 7777 for UE4
UDP 27015 for Steam
TCP 27888 for RCON

Server command line options

-ServerPassword The connect password.
-ServerRconPassword RCON admin password, default is RCON off so always set a password.
-MapRotation List of maps, separated with "+", default is all maps.
-ServerName The server name that is displayed in the server browser
-ServerMOTD Sponsor text displayed when a player enters the server.
-log The server will open and write the log to a console.
-RconPort Port for the RCON/Admin, default is 27888
-MaxPlayers Player limit, default is 16
-Port Connect port (UE4), default is 7777
-QueryPort Steam Query Port, default is 27015
-MultiHome Sets the IP of your server (When using multiple ethernet interfaces)

Example server startup -log -ServerRconPassword="NoInfectedMayPass" -ServerName="Awesome TDM server" -ServerMOTD="Presented by Impalers Inc" -MapRotation=Arenis+Ruins+WindKeep


Gameplay & Scoreboard


Team Objective (TO)

This game-mode is what the game is designed around. When playing Team Objective, you choose to play on the attacking or defending team. Each map has different objectives that the attackers needs to complete within a certain time. In most levels, when a objective has been completed, the attacking team gets more time and moves on to complete the next task.

Soul Collector (SC)

When a player dies, the soul is dropped on the ground. The team that first picks up 20 of the enemy souls and stores them in their soul collector chest wins.

Crown War (CW)

The team who has the crown and holds it within the coronation area gets 1 point per second its held. First team to reach 300 points wins.

Pillage (PIL)

Each team has to destroy the enemies Pillage Pile, first team to destroy the pile or the team who has dealt most damage to the other teams pile wins.

Team Deathmatch (TO)

Battle to the death. The team with most kills of players from the other team wins when the time runs out. If the score is tied, you are all considered to be a looser!


When you press the default TAB key on your keyboard, you will open up the scoreboard. On the scoreboard you will find all sorts of information about the ongoing game.

On the bottom, you see the "Objective Information" when you play a Team Objective game. The slots that are lit are the currently active objectives and the ones that are grayed are done or next to after the current.

Each team has its own set of rows where the players on the team is displayed in a falling order after their current score. You also see the class a player is playing, shown by a icon (See HUD for the icons).
In the row for a player the players data is also displayed, Score, Kills, Assists, Deaths and Ping.

  • Score, the sum of all points the player has gathered. (See scoring for more details)
  • Kills, how many players and infected you have killed. The first number shows players and after the / it shows the infected.
  • Assists, how many times you have assisted in killing a player. There is no assist-points for infected.
  • Deaths, displays how many times you have been killed by Players and Infected, separated with a slash "/".
  • Ping, the time it takes for a data-packet to travel from you, to the server and back again. The lower the number the better. Playing with ping times higher than 100 is not recommended.

Hud & Menus


While playing the game, you are presented with several interfaces. We call them UI, short for User Interfaces.

The most important UI you have is your HUD (Heads Up Display).

Location Name
When you enter a location of importance you will see the name of that location here. This is helpfull if you need to let team members know where you are. When you type a message or use the Command Menu the location is added to your message.

The red bar indicates your current health level. In the bottom you have the number in detail if you need to know the exact value.

Armor reduces the amount of damage you take from a hit. As a blacksmith you also use the armor to construct or repair items and players. When you have no armor you take full damage from hits.

Sometimes you may get confused what team you are on. This icon shows what team you are playing for. The Yellow/Blue shield is for the Old Knights and the Red/Black shows that you are playing for the New Order.
 Old Knights
 New Order

This icon shows the class you are currently playing as. This icon is also represented in the Scoreboard, so you can see what class another player is playing as.


 Plague Doctor


On the messageboard you see the chat between players, team only or global. Other messages from the server about objectives, player entering or leaving the server is also presented here.

Enemy name
When looking at a enemy player you see the name and team icon. If the text is red, the player is playing for the New Order. When the text is blue, the player has enlisted for the Old Knights.

When a weapon is in its ranged mode, you see the ammotype icon. This is the same icon as you will see in the death info area when a player is killed with that ammotype.

The value here is how many of the current weapon you have in your inventory. It does not equal how many times you can shoot or throw something as some weapons fire multiple projectiles.

Keep a close eye on this bar, if its drained you get infected and will slowly die. If you get low on immunity, see a doctor and he can help you or drink a bottle of elixir.

Almost everything you do, takes stamina to perform. When your stamina is low, you will not be able to attack, parry or sprint. Your stamina will recover when you don't do anything. When you are low on stamina, you will see a yellow border around the edges of the hud.

Useable icon
When you look at something and you can interact with it, an icon will appear at the center of the screen. The icon vary depending on the object or type of interaction you can do with it. Below is a few examples of icons.

Objective and Item markers
While playing the game you often need to know where certain items and objectives are located to help you navigate. This is presented by round icons that floats on your HUD. The item icons shows the type and how many steps there are to the item. Objectives are larger and have a shield icon and the objectives name on it.

Command Menu

The command menu is a very useful tool. It allows you to do a lot of things with just a few clicks. Call for help, let the team know that you are being overrun. It can also be used for various other tasks, changing class quickly or taunt an opponent.

The default key for opening the Command Menu is "Z". When you open the command menu, you are presented with 10 choices. Choices that has (Team) sends messages only to players on your team and those who have (All) will be posted globaly.

  • 1. Statements
    Very useful when you need to state something quickly to your team. Instead of opening the chat and typing "Incoming", you simply press the Z11. Thats 3 keys instead of 9. The character will also speak the command with his voice.
  • 2. Requests
    Similar to Statements, but instead for things you or your team needs.
  • 3. Talk
    Standard words/phrases you often use. When a fellow team player helps you and you want to thank him, just press Z33 and you type "Thanks" in the chat and the character will speak it.
  • 4. Functions
    While playing, you will sometime need to do certain tasks or let others know things. If you decide to change from playing on the front as an Archer, and switch into a Blacksmith. Then you can let the team know about it by pressing Z44. Sometimes you will choose to leave your current body and respawn fresh or as a new class. The fastest way to do that is to commit suicide, Z45 does that for you.
  • 5. Global
    This is the same as the Talk menu, but it will send the message to all players in the messageboard.
  • 6. Taunts
    When you have won over a player or feel the need to salute the taking of an objective, then we bring you a full menu of taunts. When you taunt, you wil go out of your body and see yourself in a 3rd person perspective. The character will perform a taunt animation while speaking out the taunt. Each character has different taunts.
  • 7. Change team
    This is a quick way to select the team you want to play as in your next life.
  • 8. Change Class
    When you need to change class, there is two ways of going about it. The choices 1-4 will set the choice for your next spawn. While the choices 5-8 will set the class and then perform a suicide so you can start playing as the new class directly.
  • 9. Chat
    This simply opens the messageboard window in global (All) mode.


The inventory is not an "Inventory" as in your standard RPG game. It more a collection of what the character has and can do. You see in what weaponslot a weapon is placed. You can see your default ammocount for all weapons.

The "Information" area hold the most important things you need to know about the class. Like what special abilities it has and what other things that is unique for this class.

While the Inventory is visible you can choose the weapon you want to switch to by simply pressing the keyboard key that corresponds to the "Weapon Slot".


The Blacksmith has the ability to build items. When you play as a Blacksmith you can press the "R" key to open up the Build menu. From there you can select the item you want to place and start looking for a good spot to place it.


Build menu
When the menu is active, you can use the keys 1-4 to select the item you want to build. In order to be able to build the item, you need to have enough armor. How much it costs in armor can be viewed under the item.

You can only build a certain amount of each item. The Ballista and Ammocrate only allows one each. While the Beartrap and the Firecage can be placed several times, check the build amount number to see how many there is left of the item to build.


Building an ammocrate costs 90 armorpoints. But the crate comes filled with armor and ammo, so there is no need to restock it immediately. A built ammocrate can only be used by the players on the same team. The other team can damage it until its destroyed. Hitting it with the Workhammer will restock it, each time you restock it it will cost you 25 armorpoints. A player can only use the ammocrate once per 30 seconds.


After placing a Beartrap, the Blacksmith needs to arm it. This is done by hitting it again with the Workhammer. Once armed it will open its jaws. The enemies can practially not see the trap. It is semi-transparent for them. Your own team see it, but can be trapped too. The enemy blacksmith has the ability to disarm it.

When a player walks into a beartrap, he gets stuck for 6 seconds. Each second is hurting the player, so he will take a total of 90 damagepoints (Before armor reduction). The trapped player will still be able to fight, he just can't move.

A team can only have a total of 10 beartraps placed. If you need to set them in a different place, you can disarm it and get it back.


The archer can create fire-arrows in the firecage. By placing his longbow arrow in the cage and press "Use" it will create a fire-arrow. The fire-arrow set fire to any player/infected it hits. The firecage is rather fragile, so make sure its placed in locations where the enemy can't easily hit it.


The Ballista is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It has devastating powers, even at level 1.
Once placed it has no ammo, so the Blacksmith needs to restock it. When it has reached its maximum amount of 10 bolts, it can start to be upgraded. A upgraded ballista will never become downgraded.

  • Level 1, shoots normal ballista-bolts.
  • Level 2 is built when the ballistas health reaches over 300. In level 2 you get fire-bolts. Upon impact they burst into a cloud of fire, setting everyone inside on fire.
  • Level 3 is reached when it has over 450 in health. Now we are talking the real deal. Level 3 has exploding bolts. The exploding bolt deals radial damage as well as impact damage.


There are 3 types of armor, light, medium and heavy.

Together with the armor, we also have hit-boxes that have different values for the different parts of the body, so that a strike to a arm does less damage than a strike to the head.

As you can see in the image, to calculate the damage a player takes from a strike. There are several factors that makes the difference.

Example 1: Hit on the Legs with a weapon dealing 80 damage on a class with Heavy armor.
100 - (80*0,5*0,2)=8, the hit would only deal 8 points in damage.

Example 2: Hit on the Head, with the same weapon on a class with Light armor.
100 - (80*2*0,7)=112, the same weapon would now deal 112 points in damage.

Block & Parry

A block or a parry is when you successfully stop a incoming attack from another weapon or projectile. Blocking is done with shields, and parrying is with weapons.

The image above explains all the new numbers there are for each weapon to adjust it by, this is so we can balance them against each other. Because, a small weapon should not be able to block a really heavy weapon fully. Consider yourself only having a small dagger, and a crusader i striking at you with a 12 kilo Flamberge sword! You would not be able to hold that, most likely you would take some damage from it too.

When a block is successful, it will take away damage from the attack. Small weapons should not block all damage from a larger weapon. So there is numbers for that to balance. Heavy weapons should also take more stamina to block, as it takes more effort to withstand a strike from a really heavy weapon.


There is no such thing as a free lunch, at least that's what the saying says. In WarFallen, we have other things that we use as a cost. For most cases the cost is taken from your Stamina. Some things drains your Armor, while some of the Doctors doings are using his Health.



The melee system provides you with 3 basic attacks, Side-to-Side, Stab and Special attack. Most of the weapons use the Special attack as an overhead downwards strike. There is also another special attack, the Achilles jump. This is performed by using the Special attack while being in air. It deals double damage.


To prevent players from doing a 360 helicopter attack we have added a system that checks the angle from where the player is facing when the attacks starts. If you turn your view over 150 degrees in any direction, you will be penalized with a full stamina drain. 


Weapons with a shield can hold their block up for as long as you have stamina. Holding the block will slowly drain your stamina. Weapons without a shield uses instant parry. The instant parry is a one-shot parry.

To perform a parry/block, you need to aim at the attacking weapons direction, the point it will do impact on you. So you simply can not just press the parry/block to perform it.

A parry is not always gonna do a full block as some heavy weapons will strike through your parry. This is a simulation for cases where a DoubleAxe is blocked by a dagger. In those cases we have a value that removes a damage up to a limit.

You can not parry a attack from a Infected. This is something we have thought about implementing, but we haven't begun touching that part yet.

Weapons are solid when attacking and parrying. So if 2 weapons hit each other in mid air during attacks they will collide.

Shields are always solid, even when they are on the backs of a player. Projectiles will stick into wooden shields, and break when hitting a metal shield. Projectiles that are stuck in a shield or a player can be picked up again, as long as the character is alive. Once the character becomes a ragdoll corpse, projectiles can no longer be picked up.

Special cases

The Black rat and the Big rat can be STOMPED! To stomp a rat, you need to jump on it while crouching in air. In short, a jump-crouch will stomp rats.


All weapons have a ranged and melee mode. Switch mode with the default "C" key. Most ranged weapons use a system where you draw, hold, release and then reload. Some weapons are instant fire, like the crossbow, tribow, crosspistol and dartgun.

Drawback, have a initial stamina cost. Holding the weapon drawn costs stamina per second, the amount varies depending on weapon. If your stamina is drained while holding, your weapon will return to its idle mode.



Projectiles can pin players to walls and the ground. The projectiles have different pinning distances. Larger weapon have more power and do pin from up to 5 meters away from an object, while smaller things like the nails only pin when really close to something. This is just a cosmetic thing, but so awesome!


When you do things in the game, you get or have points taken from you. These points are displayed on the Scoreboard and on the End-game screen.

Scores Table (This is an ongoing balancing and update, some things are not yet implemented)

 Action Class Player Points Earned Team Points Earned Cost to perform
KillAll51 (Only for TDM games)
Team KillAll-3
Death ScoreAll0
RepairSmitty525 Armor
Upgrade WeaponSmitty525 Health
Unlock CabinetDoctor5
Revive HorseDoctor525 Health
When AmmoCrate is used by other playerSmitty1
When Ballista kills other playerSmitty1
When player uses FireCageSmitty1
When player gets trapped in BearTrapSmitty3
Extinguish a team mateCrusader51 powder grenade
Kill a ScamperAll1
Kill a ClamberAll1
Kill a HeaverAll2
Kill a ImpalerAll3
Kill a Black KnightAll4
Kill a BrutusAll5
Kill a ObeastAll4
Kill a ServantAll3
Kill a CrocAll1
Kill a Black RatAll1
Kill a Big RatAll1
Stomp a ratAll1
Kill from same team inside CommandPointCrusader1
Head DecapBonus/All-
Head CrushBonus/All-
Pin to wallBonus/All-
Respond to call (Need a "class" message)All-
Restock AmmocrateSmitty220 Armor
Ring the bell in DeliveranceAll (Old Knights only)2
Drive wheelbarrow to the docksAll (Old Knights only)5