The most common of all infected, former townsfolk and every day people that has turned into an infected. Beware of their hands and head for attacks. A single Scamper is no match, but because they come in numbers, they are a threat to everyone.


Where this type originated is not clear, people say that they were once monks that lived in an old monastery. But that may only be because they have no hair. Almost ape-like movement, when they crawl around on all four limbs. With their wall-climbing skills they are a feared beast, you really are not safe anywhere from them. Although the Clamber can be struck down in only a few hits, they are a hard adversary due to their speed and agility. They will jump towards and clamp onto you, so they can eat your face.


Once the staff in the nobles kitchen. When the infection caught her, she became one with the cooking oils and her black blood became half oil and if that was not enough, she also caught on fire. Look out for a trail of fire that she leaves wherever she goes. You will become a human torch if she touches you.


Swollen with big blobs of greasy icky stuff. When on the brink of death its mass will start to boil until it finally erupts in a big blast. The Obeast will attack you with anything he got, even puking out a black slime.


Completely insane, runs fast and furious towards the enemy. Do NOT stand in its way or you will be talking to your maker! Once they where highly trained Vanguards but now they have turned into something far worse.


Also known as Got Guts. A former foot soldier who got his guts hanging out. Using this as his weapon, he will rip out parts of his guts and throw it towards you. Don't get hit or you will get infected.

Black Knight

During the wars they where feared. Knights in heavy armor, skilled with weapons that crushed skulls, leaving nothing but rotting corpses behind them. They are now probably one of the most feared type of infected. Their heavy armor can take lots of hits and most ranged weapons will just bounce off. They don't feel pain, does not run out of stamina and does not care that their armor weighs on them. They don't feel if the plates of armor gets bent when hit, they are a perfect killing machine.


A small black rat, probably the ones that brought the plague in the first place. Leap-attack, when close to the enemy the rat takes a leap towards you and tries to bite you. One hit kill with most weapons.

Hairless and much bigger than your normal rat. Bites when close. Most weapons kills it instantly.


A castle needs a moat, a moat needs crocodiles. An infected crocodile, you get the rest...


Town people who has not yet turned fully infected, they wander the streets in hopes of a better tomorrow. If they die, they will rise and walk the earth once again but as infected.


Their footsteps echoes from far away when they approach. At the end of the 100 year war, men from the north, bred from the strongest of all, was the ultimate warrior and the latest weapon that probably would have turned the war. But for the Old Knights, the plague came as a savior when all of the Brutus became infected. That day when the infection came to their encampment, they became the enemy of both sides.