The old arena in the desert-like surroundings. Once this was a place for joy and feast. Now it is just a memory. Take on the other team in a game of Team Deathmatch! This level started out as a developer test, so there are things in there as a key you can bring to unlock the catapults. You can also let the infected out from their caves.

This level is played in Team Deathmatch mode. The team with the most score when the time runs out, wins! If the score is a tie, then overtime starts.


The Herugrim Castle is one of the few that still stands strong. This makes it a valuable place to hold and have. The castle is currently held by the New Order.

Take over the castle by raising your teams flag on the highest tower roof. In order to get there you need to bring the battering ram to the inner yard and ram down the large doors leading into the main castle. But the ram cannot pass the outer iron gate, if its not opened. Open the iron gate on top of the gate house. Get up on the outer walls by raising a ladder or by moving the siege tower towards the walls.


The plan is simple, Sir Curanis is held prisoner at the Halfway Inn by the New Order. Take over the Halfway Inn, bring the prison wagon there and load up the prisoner. Bring him to the ship that awaits in the harbor. Sir Curanis blood may be the answer to a cure!

Drive the wagon to the Halfway Inn. Secure and load the prisoner into the wagon, then bring him all the way to the docks. As a defender you need to stop the wagon from reaching these places. Build roadblocks and fortify yourselves at the Inn and later in the town. If the Halfway Inn isn't taken within 10 minutes, the game is won by the New Order. 10 more minutes are added to the game time if the Halfway Inn is lost to the Old Knights.

Fort Walder

The faction that owns and controls Fort Walder will be able to feed their army. You need to join sides with the enemy and defend the fort from the Infected invasion.

Defend the fort from the Infected invasion, the invasion lasts between 5 and 10 minutes (Randomly set at level start). Once the invasion is over, take control over the 7 capture points. The team that owns most capture points when the endgame time runs out, wins!


The goldmine is rich, and of high value to any team who is in need of supplies. This place has been unreachable for the Old Knights for a long time. Due to its location and great seawall, it has been impossible to attack. So now is the time to strike!

Ring the bell inside the church to gain a forward spawn. Bring the 3 mine carts down the shaft. Load 3 wheelbarrows with gold and bring it to the docks. If the church is not taken within 10 minutes, the New Order Wins. 5 more minutes are added to the game-time when the church is taken. For each mine cart another minute is gained, and for each wheelbarrow that is brought to the docks another minute is added. If the game time runs out, the New Order Wins.


The battle takes place in an old town during a market.

This level is played in Pillage mode. The team who breaks into the pillage or who has made most damage to the pillage when the time runs out wins.​


This sacred place were once the keeper of the golden cup. The cup that would heal any kind of infection or disease. Now it is an abandoned place where soldiers go to fight.

This level is played in Team Deathmatch mode. The team with the most score when the time runs out, wins! If the score is a tie, then overtime starts.


This grand castle is not as grand any more. The walls still hold, but there will not be long before it falls.

This level is played in Soulcollector mode. The team who first stores 20 souls wins or the team who has most souls stored when the time runs out.

Winter Village

The disease has not yet taken its hold here and it is a good chance that this place will be kept so and become a sanctuary for the future.

The Old Knights needs to bring 3 banners to the church in order to win. The left side passage must be opened before the flags are made available. Light the pile and use it as a beacon for incoming trebuchet fire from the ships. Gain access to a forward spawn by breaching Spawn Inn. Construct a staircase to gain a second path to the upper village.


With blurry eyes, you wake up in the back of the prison wagon. You had been attacked. The only survivor of your party is a archer leaning onto a rock. With her last breath, she tells you to take the scroll to the is now up to you!

Learn how to use all the items and special things in the game while you shoot fire-arrow, throw swords, build and shoot a ballista and learn how to be a commander on the battlefield.