Install and Startup Issues

Nothing happens?

Make sure that you have the powercord plugged in and that you have payed the electric bill. Normally you can see this by a small lamp on the computer.

The screen is black!

This can happen if the monitor is turned off. Make sure you have read the manual of your monitor and turn the monitor on before you start the game.

In-game Issues

When attempting to connect to a server I was given the error "Connection Lost"

This can happen when it takes too long to connect to the server. Usually this is only the first time you attempt the connection, as the game needs to load all the data into your computers memory from your harddrive before you can start playing.

The sound is too loud!

In the settings menu you can set different values for music, voices and game-sound.

Known Issues/Bugs


Change bed sheets often to get rid of them

Tilted view when exiting the Catapult!

When you exit a catapult on a angled ground, your view gets tilted. The solution is simply to re-spawn.