WarFallen Championship
Official Rules

  1. All teams must have at least 5 players to be able to enter their team to the tournament.
  2. All players must be registered at https://esenesports.com and be part of the contesting team. A player needs to use the same name as his Steam user name.
  3. You have to be 13+ years old to participate in the tournament.
    1. If you’re between 13 and 15 years old, you need consent from your parents.
    2. Have one your parents send a mail to championship@warfallen.com
      1. (must be sent from your parents email)
      2. The email must include:
      3. Your Name, Age, Country, Uplay name
      4. Subject: WarFallen Consent
      5. Using any account, other than your own main account, is under no circumstances allowed. If detected the player will be banned from the tournament and future tournaments.
  4. A team consists of 5 players.
    1. It is not allowed to change players during the match.
      1. Should it be for proven technical reasons that a player can no longer participate in the match, the player may be replaced.
    2. One team must not consist of less than 4 simultaneous players. Should one team have less than 4 players, the opponents are entitled to claim winnings via Walk-Over (see paragraph 8).
  5. The matches are played best of 5 rounds.
    1. A round consists of a map being played from start until the winning screen is displayed and a winner is displayed.
  6. The match must be started no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled time.
    1. If a team is not ready, the team ready within the delayed start time wins by walk-over.
    2. A player is not allowed to change teams or to be a spectator during the match.
  7. Only independent and by Frosty Elk approved cameramen are allowed to be spectators during a match.
  8. Report Walk-Over.
    1. Report a Walk-Over win to an admin in the Discord channel for the tournament.
    2. Screenshot that proves the number of players on the server.
Match is played as follows:
  1. The match is played on one of the official match servers provided by Frosty Elk.
    1. The best possible server will be selected to benifit both teams. The home team will have the advantage if a server that suits both teams cannot be found.
  2. Warmup takes place on the map “Arenis”.
  3. Home team plays as “Old Knights” team,
  4. Away team plays as “New Order” in the first round.
  5. The team changes side for each round until the match is over.
  6. The team playing as “Old Knights” selects which of the maps “Windkeep” or “Pillage” to play.
    1. Windkeep – Played in game mode Soulcollector. The team that first stored 20 souls or has most souls stored when time runs out wins.
    2. Pillage – Played in the pillage mode, the team that first breaks into the second team’s pillage arrows or has caused the most damage to the second team’s pillage arrows when time runs out wins.
  7. Screenshot (Default key = F12) should be taken as proof of winner, screenshots on both winning screen and scoreboard are necessary for the result to be approved.
  8. The winning team’s captain reports the result of the match.
  1. The brackets are calculated randomly for it to be as fair as possible.
  2. The winners of the match move on to the next step, losing teams leaving the tournament. Except for the semifinals where match of 3rd prize is played.
  3. Before a match, the coach must notify an Admin in the Discord channel which maps they want to play, the report should take place in as good a time as possible. At least 30 minutes before the match’s exposed start time.
    1. The home team reports 3 maps ex. “FrostyKillers, Windkeep, Pillage, Windkeep” and the away team reports 2 maps ex. “Snajpa1337, Pillage, Windkeep”
    2. Should one team not report which maps they want to play, then Admin will randomly select maps for that team.
  4. 30 minutes before the start of the match, the match in the Discord channel is announced by the admins and everyone can see which maps and in what order it will be played.
Code of conduct

All participants are expected to behave in a way that reflects positively on the game, administrators, sponsors, press, participants and others represented.

Participants must always adhere to the highest standards of personal privacy and good conduct. Participants are required to perform in a professional and sporty manner in their interaction with everyone involved.


Players must constantly play to the best of their ability. Any form of cheating from any participant is not tolerated. All participants are prohibited from influencing or manipulating a match so that the result is determined by something other than its game skill.

Examples of cheating would include:

  • Collaboration, matchfix or other action that intentionally changes or attempts to change the outcome of the match.
  • Try to disturb any other player’s connection to the gaming service in any way.
  • Intentionally utilize a glitch in the game to get an advantage.
  • Try to show spectators, participants live feeds during a game or match.
Prize Payment

The winners will be contacted through Discord upon tournament/round completion to establish the best suitable form of delivery of the winnings. The winnings will be delivered within 30 business days.

Technical issues

Players are responsible for their technical issues, for example hardware or internet issues. Matches will not be rescheduled because of technical issues, and matches will be played nevertheless. If the maximum pause time is exceeded, the game goes on, even if the problem is not solved yet.


By participating in this tournament you are bound to this agreement. This agreement is authority for WarFallen Championship 2019, organized by Frosty Elk AB and ESEN studio. The members and leadership of the organizers have full powers to determine the conditions of application and interpretation as well as its modification, if circumstances so require. Any player or team participating in this tournament are held by this agreement, or will face sanctions. This agreement aims to ensure and guarantee all participants a satisfying experience and respect of the healthiest sportsmanship.

The admins reserve the right to, at any time, remove or change the rules in this document, even during a tournament. All players are encouraged to read all the rules regularly.

In some cases, a problem may occur and not find an immediate solution in the regulation. In these cases, the organizers and their representatives will decide impartially and in a will to uphold sporting ethics above all other considerations.